All of us want to have glowing and blemish free skin. This post reveals the 10 pitfalls that prevent us to get the blemish free and healthy skin.

Roughly cleansing acne prone skin

Using abrasive and harsh products can contribute to the breakout cycle. According to Dr. Warren, they form irritation that makes it harder for acne to heal and clear.

Avoid these abrasive scrubbing tools and cleansers.

Dabbing acne medication only on pimples

Sergio Nacht, Ph.D., Senior Vice President of Science and Technology for Advanced Polymer Systems explains that acne medications not only speed of healing of existing pimples but help to prevent us new pimples.
If you want to keep your skin clear, then apply acne medication on entire area where pimples occur.

Dr. Nacht explains that Nicotine constrict blood vessels as well as those which feed your skin. Your skin does’nt attains the proper nourishment from your blood.
For clean and clear skin, don’t smoke.

Squeezing pimples

According to Dr. Nacht, the result can be scarring, picking pimples can make skin worse and spread infection.
Don’t touch the pimples and use an acne medication.

Not rinsing well enough

It can be a potential irritant, if you don’t completely rinse the soap away explains Shulman. You take away suds along with dirt and oil, when you rinse.

After sudsing you’ve to make sure to rinse your skin thoroughly.

Skipping sunscreen

Darrell Doughty states that, UV rays get through in your skin even the weather is cloudy and every exposure adds up. This can result in change your skin colour, wrinkles and fine lines appearing earlier.
The solution
You have to apply facial moisturizer which contains sunscreen of SPF 15.

Inconsistent use of acne medications

If you apply acne medication in two or three times then it doesn’t effective. While you are trying to compensate by over-applying acne medication can irritate and damage the skin.
Acne medication should be applied consistently two or three times a day, since it works for 6-8 hours.
Not using moisturizer if your skin is oily

Don’t avoid moisturizing while your skin is shiny or has an oily feel. After rinse, your skins relatively dry as a result of cleansing process.
Go with a moisturizer that won’t add oil or a greasy feel, such as Oil-Free Oil of Olay.

Drying out the skin on your body

Dr. Shapiro says that too hot water or shower too long can cause to skin to lose vital ingredients that help to hold moisture in the skin.

Dr. Shapiro says that all you need is a few minutes in the shower and yours water should be warm enough to be comfortable. Also you should use a gentle cleanser, such as Neutrogena Rainbath Refreshing Shower and Body Gel.

Over-drying your skin in an attempt to control acne

According to Dr. Brett Shulman, using harsh soap can actually strip sebum from your skin. Always use a mild cleanser or cleansing which contains a low percentage of salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide