Capital Gate Building

This amazing Capital Gate tower is popular for its 18 degree lean and called world’s furthest man-made tower.

In this post we combined the Abu Dhabi world’s record for beautiful Arab girls who want to explore Abu Dhabi. Check out the list given below and drop your comments in drop box.

The Emirates Palace

The Emirates Palace is the world’s most expensive hotel and completed in 2005. Cost of this hotel to build Dhs10.5billion.

Sheikh Zayed Grand Houses

The Sheikh Zayed Grand houses the largest hand-woven rug which measures 5,627m² and contains 2,268,000,000 knots.


Largest Marble Mosaic

This mosque is thought d to be the largest marble mosaic in the world. The floral shaped marble mosaic in the courtyard measures approximately 17,000 m².

Ferrari World

Here in front of you world’s largest 860,000sqm theme park on Earth by the name of Ferrari World.

World’s Largest Atlas

The world’s largest atlas, the 128 page Earth Platinum, was launched at the National Centre for Documentation and Research in Abu Dhabi. Weighing 150kg it costs Dhs3,650,000.

Most Books Exchanged

During an event in 2011 the Juvenile Welfare Centre, Abu Dhabi holds the record for the most books exchanged in eight hours. The number of books was 2,868.

Most Consecutive Rolls

During the Al Ain Aerobatic Show in 2007, Zoltán Veres from Hungary holds the record for most consecutive rolls by an airplane. His feat clocked up 408 rolls.

World’s Biggest Truck

In an exhibition, Sheikh Hamad bin Hamdan Al Nahyan shows his private world’s biggest truck. A Dodge pick-up, apparently large enough to land his helicopter on, this eight-time enlarged duplicate weighs in excess of 50 tonnes and has four large bedrooms.

Liwa Oasis

Liwa Oasis is one the largest oases on the Arabian Peninsula. Approximately 200km south-west of Abu Dhabi, lies on the very edge of the Empty Quarter. It is not finish yet, it boasts world’ world’s tallest sand dune, Tel Moreeb. The height of Tel Moreeb is 300 metres with 50 degree incline.