Myths about Women You Shouldn’t Believe

During this time women are considered as being fond of shopping, emotional and do not like sex. So is it true? The answer is no. Want to know more, see the first three false myths about women as reported by menshealth.

1. Women do not Want Sex
Men often think about sex more than twice a day. A 2011 study in the Journal of Sex Research found that men think about sex an average of 19 times per day, compared to women who only 10 times. But the truth is, every day sex desire in women increases with age. According to a study in The Journal of Sexual Medicine, after surveying 806 women over the age of 40, the researchers found that women are more satisfied with their sex lives. And nearly 70 percent to reach orgasm.

2. Women are too Emotional
By nature, women are emotional creatures. Women can cry and expressive, in contrast to men who hold feelings that no one else knows. Recent research from Wake Forest University found that men became more stressful and emotional romance problems than women. Why? Because women have strong social support systems than men. Man not be surprised if he takes a longer time to recover a broken heart than women. Men are more emotionally weak.

3. Women are Obsessed with Shopping
Women always synonymous with shopping. Even stout that says if a woman go mad shopping. Is this true? A poll of 2,000 people from the British firm Npower found that men on average spend at least $ 40 a week. While women spend more than $ 30. And the latest research from Mintel Market research firm found that 60 percent of men like shopping online, while only 52 percent of women.

Apparently not all myths are proved to be true does not it? The man apparently also fond of shopping and emotionally.