A lot has been said, written, talked about when it comes to women driving in Saudi Arabia. In this post, we revealed the best cars for Saudi women, if women in Saudi Arabia could drive what would they drive? From the number of seats to the rear camera, the engine size to output and most importantly who can forget the budget, colors and body kits. Check out the photos of top 5 cars given below (of course, once the law allows).

The Executive

She needs a comfortable, reliable, high performance, practical and sleek-looking car, and this criteria suits the BMW 750Li with SR500K.

www.bmw.com (Dealer in Saudi: Naghi Motors)

The Soccer mom

She has high dreams, social circle, and family of kids, ikea trips and laws. And the car suit for her is Mercedes ML350 with SR 315K. IPod connectivity to parking camera; including automatic door and trunk close options, a car does that job.

www.mercedes.com (Dealer in Saudi: Juffali)

The Richie-Rich

Porsche Panamera Turbo S is best car for that needs not be exclusive to more 4 people with SR 750K. It takes you from 0 to 100km/hr in under 3.0 seconds.

ww.porsche.com (Dealer in Saudi: SAMACO)

The practical All rounder

Toyota Prado is good as cash, does not loose money, fits 8 people, or your entire ikea shopping in a breeze with SR 170K.

www.toyota.com (Dealer in Saudi:Abdul-Latif Jameel)

The Cost Conscious Racer

Genesis by Hyundai is a sleek-looking, 2 door fast coupe, high-performance Bluetooth, iPod, camera, with all red and blue color. The price is only SR120K.

www.hyundai.com (Dealer in Saudi: Naghi Motors)

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