In this pose, we revealed all reasons for ditching our diets. However, most of our excuses don’t really cut it and why should be dismissed. Check out the list given below.

It’s too expensive

Healthy eating can be just as budget-friendly but many people claim that they can’t afford to eat more healthily. In fact, an apple can actually save your money swapping your chocolate bar or packet of crisp. Start by reducing your portion sizes and swapping unhealthy snacks for fresh fruit or veg, to lose weight on the cheap. for keeping costs down, buying in bulk and freezing leftovers are also good steps.

I’m too busy

Most of us lead busy lifestyles, but this is no excuse for ditching the diet. A healthy salad can be whipped up in the same time it takes to peruse a takeaway menu and place your order and fruit and nuts are just as easy to eat on the go as a packet of crisps. To successfully tackle your busy day, your diet should help to keep you energised and fuelled.

I deserve a treat

The opposite of an emotional eater who reaches for food in times of trouble, a celebratory eater will excuse their junk-food-bingeing blips with the reasoning that they deserve the treat as a reward for their workout session/performance in work/successful weight loss that week. However, the truth is that yes, you do deserve a treat; what you do not deserve is to punish your poor body by plying it with junk and empty kilojoules. Rather than celebrating your achievements with cake or wine, be kind to yourself and treat yourself to a massage or pampering session instead.

Diets don’t work for me

Diets just don’t work for you is one of the most common (and flimsiest) excuses around. . Most likely, your approach to dieting is all wrong, maybe you have never achieved any significant results or maybe diets leave you “feeling weak”, perhaps you “don’t have the self-discipline” to stick to them. Make sure to healthy eating approach to give it a proper go before you assess its effectiveness.

I’ll start tomorrow

This is most popular excuse we have seen around. You are never going to get started, if every time you slip up you put your plans back another day. Start putting in the work now so by the time your event arrives you can afford to lapse a little, rather than putting off your diet until after a big event such as EID or a holiday. Don’t write off the entire day just because you succumbed to the temptation of a mid-morning slice of cake, a little wobble doesn’t need to mean the end of your diet.