Most Annoying Things Women Do

The debate about men and women are endless. But in reality, it is undeniable that there is no perfect man in this world. Both men and women, all have annoying habits that are not liked each other. Here are the six most annoying things women do, according to the man, as reported by Boldsky.

1. Forcing him to Say “I Love You”

Women often ask their partner if their partner really loves her or not. Although actually he knows what is in our hearts and what their partner has to say. However, women still hold up a man to say “I love you” to her.

2. Gossip

Men hate gossiping habit that is often done by women. According to them, gossiping is something that is just wasted energy and wasted time. However, for some reason most women still continue to do so.

3. Thick Makeup

Women wear make-up to attract a mate. But strangely enough, too much makeup can actually make a woman look unattractive. Therefore, make sure that you wear light makeup.

4. Shopaholic

Men hate women who are crazy shopping. Also the most hated man, if asked to accompany her shopping. That would be bored and stressed.

5. Open Dress

Men may like to wear underwear when she saw her partner sexy or open when with him. However, he does not want others to see their partner’s body.

6. Share Personal Secrets

Men generally do not share their personal secrets with others. And, they really hate it when women simply sharing her secrets with others. Men want something that is personal between him and his girlfriend they both remain a secret.

These are the six most annoying things women do to men. Minimize contention is the best way to maintain harmonious relationships.

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