Aloe Vera for Hair Care

Aloe Vera is known effective in treating skin and hair beauty. Aloe Vera extract is also commonly used to treat some types of skin diseases, especially acne. Well, want to know more beauty benefits of Aloe Vera? Let’s read the following usage of Aloe Vera for hair care.

1. Treats Hair Loss

Aloe Vera contains many vitamins and minerals that are effective for treating hair loss. Mix Aloe Vera with shampoo and apply the mixer on your hair.

2. Natural Conditioner

Aloe Vera is a natural hair conditioner and it has a cooling effect. You can massage your hair and scalp with Aloe Vera juice to get the best results. Let it sit and rinse with shampoo.

3. Prevents Baldness

Thinning hair make you go bald? You can increase hair growth by applying a gel or Aloe Vera juice on your scalp regularly. Let stand for 10 minutes and rinse with shampoo.

4. Natural Moisturizers

Want to moisturize the hair and makes it easier to set up? Use Aloe Vera gel or juice as a hair treatment. Apply Aloe Vera gel or juice on the hair and scalp. Wait 15 minutes and rinse with shampoo.

5. Treats Dandruff

If you suffer from dandruff, dry and itchy scalp, immediately use a gel or Aloe Vera juice to treat dandruff naturally. Apply Aloe Vera extract on the scalp and leave it for 40-60 minutes to get rid of dandruff.

6. Treating Acne

Acne on the scalp can be really painful. Then, apply Aloe Vera extract in acne and let it dry. This treatment should be done before shampooing.
These are six beauty benefits of Aloe Vera. Besides being used as a skin and hair care, Aloe Vera is also consumed as a food product you know.

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