Causes of Unexpected Headaches

Headache suddenly come is very annoying. In addition to torture, can also make a lot of dormant activity. Do you belong to one of the frequent headaches?

Disease that is often taken for granted is actually not just come from factors debilitation, but also from some of the following.

Hair Ties

Dizziness can be caused by hair ties that are too fast or hairstyles that overload your head. In addition, any binding tight in the head like hats, headbands, clips and so on can make a little more tense head and causing dizziness.

Cold Food

There is a term ice cream headache is a sudden headache. Generally caused by the consumption of food or beverages that are too cold to make the blood circulation to swell.

Dizziness like this will generally disappear within a few minutes. To prevent this headache, cold foods should be consumed more slowly.

Caffeine Addiction

One of the other causes of headaches are addicted to caffeine. This could be because you are accustomed to eating coffee, so when you stop suddenly, then you will have a headache. If you want to stop drinking coffee, coffee reduce your dose gradually.


Headaches when dehydrated will appear before you realize that you are thirsty. How to cope naturally by consuming plenty of water regularly. Eating fruits and vegetables can also help you save even more water. Perform this habit when the weather is hot, pain and exercise.


Traveling to tourist attractions can also make you have a headache. Especially if you’re traveling with a considerable distance and spend more time on the trip. You can do to prevent this is enough rest before traveling because you need a fit body, and often drink water to stay hydrated.


The smell is so strong in the air can make you experience dizziness, especially when your nose is sensitive. Some odors can make dizziness is perfume, paint, some types of flowers, cigarette smoke and cleaning products.


Although those who have busy schedules will be prone to headaches. However, according to research, they are not lazy-health and not diligent exercise will be more prone to headaches than those who seldom exercise.

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