Its really difficult for me to  write about fragrances. But trying my best to bring the complete overview in front of you guys. For those of you who love fragrance – and are also willing to spend more money to experience luxurious packaging and top of the line ingredients used create unique olfactory combinations – overseen by one of the top perfumers in the world, you must eventually come to the House of Cartier.  It is also the best ever brand gift for your friends.

From seduction to energetic, to desire and passion, Cartier has released the first five of these scented moments: I, IV, X, XII and XIII. The bottles are engraved with bold Roman numerals that are the symbol of Time according to Cartier. A new perfume line will launch each year over the next 4 years.

So I was thrilled when Cartier gifted me with two incredibly evocative scents from the five introductory fragrances in their Les Heures de Parfum collection. Each perfume is paired with a specific hour – the first five are L’Heure Promise (Hour I), L’Heure Brilliante (Hour VI), L’Heure Folle (Hour X), L’Heure Mystérieuse (Hour XII), and La Treizième Heure (Hour XIII). All were scents I’d describe as fine – as in, glorious and expensive-smelling. But the last two were by far my favorites.



XIII LA TREIZIEME HEURE ~ This parfum is heady full-bodied and must be worn without apology! Top notes of Leather and Birch give way to Narcisuss and Bergamont and does a slow sensual dry down of patchouli and vanilla.  So, if you really want to be Grown Sex and Mysterious…this distinctive fragrance is for you. The price of this bottle is $250.