Depressed or Stressed Healed with Kisses!

Kissing lips is one way of expressing love for couples and even be the best way to foreplay . However, apart from that there are some interesting facts about kissing, as reported by the Times of India recently.


Kissing can also produce the hormone oxytocin, which is known to function to stimulate strong contractions in the uterine wall to facilitate the birth process.

Enhance the Enjoyment Love

Kissing is one of the main part of sex. Kissing can increase arousal before love and make sex more enjoyable.

Saliva Prevent Disease

When kissing, saliva production increases until asamnya nutrients could reduce the bacteria that cause cavities. In addition, the kiss also help to boost the body’s immune. In fact, people who love a larger immune to fight disease-causing free radicals.

Make me Happy Couple

Kissing produce hormones endorphins, a chemical agent that produced the body to produce happy feelings. Therefore, if you are depressed, it’s better than kissing with your partner abstain from anti-depression medication.

Reduce Pain

During the kiss, the body released adrenaline, which is known to turn into an analgesic or pain reduction. Try kissing when you have a headache and feel the changes.

Lowering Stress Levels

Kissing can lower cortisol levels that cause stress and increase the endocrine system and your brain health. So if you are stressed or exhausted after a day’s work, kiss your partner.

Burn Calories

As with any physical activity such as exercise that can burn calories, it turns kissing lips can also burn calories, though certainly not as much while exercising. A short romantic kiss can burn about 2-3 calories, while passionate kiss can burn up to 5 calories or more. That means the longer the kiss, the more calories they burn.

So fitness mania , having these feel free to kiss your partner yes!

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