According to new research, pople who are depressed often difficult to understand because it turns out they damaged the body’s biological clock.

The study found that the brains of people precisely depression alter the biological clock. Biological clock itself is a term for brain task that controls appetite, sleep schedule, and a person’s mood.

Unfortunately, if a person develops depression, biological clocks become irregular. So the appetite, sleep schedule, and the mood becomes chaotic.

“As if the depressed person living in a different time and dimension with our healthy,” said researcher Dr. June Li from the University of Michigan Medical School.

As reported by the Daily Mail, symptoms of damage to the body’s biological clock is a feeling of sadness and desperation that prolonged. Depression also makes people lose interest in what was once very liked.

As for the symptoms of the body’s biological clock breakdown on the physical condition is the presence of excessive fatigue, lack of sleep, decreased appetite, frequent pain and stiffness.

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