Elections in Egypt

Egypt will be a degree of parliamentary elections in phases from 27 April. Aljazeera television station reported on Friday (22/2), the plan was a decision of the presidential decree.

According to a spokesman for the presidential decree Yassir Ali, yesterday, the election will be held four phases beginning April 27 to 28, 15-16 May, June 2 to 3, and 19-20 June.

“2013 parliamentary elections will begin from 27 April in four stages,” said Mohammed Gadallah, Mursi advisor.

The elections were held amid protests still plagued Egypt lately. Security conditions and the economic crisis still surround Egypt today. Nile State was split into supporters and supporters of the opposition liberal Mursi.

Mursi and the entire Muslim Brotherhood supporters hope the election will end the political transition that has caused a lot of violence and loss of life.

Voting will take place gradually in some areas due to lack of members of the election committee.

Freedom and Justice Party and the Muslim Brotherhood (FPJ) hoped to reap more seats in the last election.

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