Getting Enough Sleep Can Reduce the Risk Of Heart Disease

Every person would want to live healthy. Of course, it is recommended everyone to have a balanced life, ranging from the consumption of a healthy diet to regular exercise.

Just now, a study found that insufficient sleep can have the same impact on heart attacks as well as if you are a smoker. It said good night’s sleep can reduce your chances of developing cardiovascular disease. At first, this study only focuses on the four issues related to lifestyle i.e. exercise, diet, alcohol consumption and smoking. Then, it expanded to examine whether sleep is an important thing.

In fact, people who practiced all four healthy habits have a 57% percent lower risk for cardiovascular disease and a 67% lower risk for diseases such as heart attack. But, if you supplement it with enough sleep, it can increase the chances. With enough sleep, you have a 83% chance to avoid this occurrence.

According to the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology, by holding these 5 healthy lifestyle, you can delay and even prevent fatal heart disease as much as 57%. Even be increased if you also equip it with adequate sleep. The result will even match people who do not smoke.

Added by Dr. Monique as the leader of the study, “The importance of sleep should be included as an additional way to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.”

Well, knowing the facts, it is better if we begin now reduces to stay up. In addition to heart health, adequate sleep will also bring great benefits to your health of others.

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