Have you ever looked into your wardrobe recently and wondered if you have the right perfumes? It’s easy to get lost in a haze of fragrances when you want to pick a perfume, especially when all of them smell so good. The key is finding one that expresses your personality and energy. Read out the wonderful suggestions below to choose a perfume bottle is best for you.

Buy perfume in the morning, at which your sense of smell is sensitive, mental clarity, the time of selecting the most suitable perfume. Avoid buying food that perfume before the meal that should be selected after the meal . Also, you should choose perfume pre-menstrual days, while the smell of you will most sensitive, to help you choose the floral scent is best for your body.

Season and climate – these are the two factors that you need to consider as well, as long as one perfume that is appropriate to summer time will not go the same for the winter season. So, take this into account and choose an adequate perfume for both the season and the skin type. As to the climate there are various perfumes that go for social events and festivals as well.

If you usually wear little to no makeup and love the outdoors, opt for a fresh, clean scent versus something spicy or musky. If you love getting dressed up and can’t help but think of yourself as glamorous, choose a scent that lingers and that matches your notice-me outlook on life. The idea is to choose a fragrance that best represents who you are.

Fair skinned individuals tend to get better results with lighter, more delicate scents than those with darker skins which tend to be oilier. Oily skin, on the other hand, preserves a scent so that it lasts longer; oil makes the fragrance sweeter.

One of the most popular types of perfumes for woman is eau de toilette, which is a lightly scented perfume and is used as a skin freshener. Eau de toilette perfumes are considered weaker and this can be good especially if she prefers more subtle fragrances. You should find out what type of perfume she wears, is it an eau de toilette or a full blooded perfume? Each will be of different strength and will be different concentrations. You won’t want to buy a really strong smelling perfume if she prefers a lightly smelling eau de toilette.