Fashion trends are not only about clothes, but about the entire look. To update and complete your look, here are some of hottest hair trends of the Spring 2012.

Glossy Hair

There is a very strong trend this season toward very shiny, wet looking hair. This may be the low maintenance trend of the season, with plenty of followers already loving the simple ease of styling.

Pony Tail

The ponytail is the quick go-to hairstyle when women are pressed for time, working out, or if they are having a bad hair day. This hairstyle can be worn in various ways from the casual style most wear to more sophisticated and fun varieties. For spring 2012, the ponytail in all its forms is one of major hair trends of the season.

Pony Bun

This is a combination of a pony tail and a bun. There’s no limit to the different styles you can come up with when combining the two. You can wear it tight and high or loose and low.

Sophisticated Braids and Twists

Braids & Twists Braids have got a graceful makeover for spring. You could add a braided look to your ponytail, by back combing the pulled back hair and weaving it up.

The Street Wave

Last spring season was all about beachy waves, and while waves were still favored on the runway, this season they have a barely there feel.

The Accessorized Updo

This season create dramatic and unique updos with the use of embellished  hair pieces.