Clean hairbrushes not only keep your hair styled and snarl-free but also keep your hair cleaner longer. Hairbrushes collect debris and the transmitted buildup is not good for your tresses. So just think of all the icky stuff that gets trapped in the bristles if you don’t wash it weekly.

You have to know that what kind of material used to make the hair brush. For an extended period of time, some brushes are made with very sensitive materials and should not be left to soak in a cleansing solution. The water can warp wood based brushes and cause deterioration to brushes made with rubber materials.

Removing hair from hairbrushes. Once you have cleaned your comb, use it to help grab all of the contents in your hairbrush out. Some other ways to remove hair residue include using another hairbrush or chopstick.

Take your hair from hair brush. Use a wide-tooth comb or the tail end of a tail comb to loosen the hair. Pull all of the hair from the bristles.

Fill washroom sink or a bowl with cleasing solution.

Dip the brush in the cleansing solution and twirl the brush in the solution and cover it with soap. You can use old toothbrush to take out residue from the hair brush. Scrub the brush base and bristles with toothbrush until the residue is gone.

Use cool water to rinse the hair brush. Be sure to rinse all of soap out of the brush.

Make sure to remove all cleansing or soapy solution from the hair base and bristles, and use a dry cloth to wipe down the hair brush. Keep the hair brush on paper towel to air dry.