Kuwaiti Girl In Ramada Kuwait Hotel

Kuwaiti Girl in Ramada Kuwait Hotel

Ahlam Haider has sent her photo from Kuwait. Ahlam is student of graduation. As she writes in her email that the photo was captured last week when she went to attend a party given by some relatives of her in Ramada Kuwait Hotel. Ahlam tells that Ramada Kuwait hotel is one of the luxurious hotels of Kuwait. This hotel is only 10 min away from Kuwait City and 10 min to the Kuwait International airport. Ramada hotel can be very comfortable place for people who come Kuwait for business meetings and deals because it only ten minutes away from international airport. Ahlam more says that I highly recommend the hotel, as the service was excellent. Lunch buffet and other dishes were extremely delicious with lots of varieties for all tastes. Anyways I really enjoyed the party in this luxury hotel and wish to go there once more.

Well friends this Kuwaiti girl has made promise that she will soon send some more photos. You can also send your photos very easily through our contact form.

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