Long Lasting Makeup Tips for Oily Skin

Having oily skin is sometimes fun, because a lot of people say that the owners of oily skin more youthful and no sooner had wrinkles. True or not, having oily skin is actually more of a hassle than owners of normal skin.

Makeup is quickly fade and the face looks shiny oily skin often inconvenient owners. Two problems that make you have to diligently restore the face so as not greasy wax paper plus .. reapply makeup. In order trouble indeed, but let oily skin throughout the day also not a wise choice.

In order for your oily face is not too distracting and make the makeup last longer, choose makeup equipment below:

Use solid foundation or shaped like a solid powder.

Should avoid makeup that contains glitter or shimmer. Choose makeup (eyeshadow, blush or lipstick) matte so that your face does not look even shiny.

Choose a product that can absorb excess oil on the face.

Use moisturizing products that are water based rather than oil.

Products that use alcohol it can make the skin rough and not greasy, but long-term use will make the skin more oily.

Always make wax paper. If face began oily, waxed paper pat. This is better than re-greasing powder because it can clog pores.

Those are some tips for owners of oily skin? You got any other tips? Please share on the comments :)

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