You would be amazed according to this report; women across the world are in constant battle against weight gain.

Shocking statistics revealed here in which describe that average 45- years woman has been on 61 diet her lifetime, it seems that men are the responsible for that.

The most impact on a woman’s size is the happiness in a relationship or lacks of it, which is uncovered by this survey. “Gives Atkins the finger and tucks into second portion of carbs”.

The women whom gain more weight in a happy relationship or different life stage including having a child or even giving up smoking are 47%.

The survey shows that 27% of the women slimming down whilst going a breakup due to lack of steady partner aids.

Compared to almost half of women just over a third of men (36%) gain weight as a result of being in a happy relationship.

Top ten life experiences that make women gain weight:

Happy relationship: 46%

Post pregnancy: 30%

Unhappy relationship: 28%

Job/career: 27%

Young mum: 8%

Unemployed: 20%

Marriage: 15%

Being single: 14%

Breaking up: 12%

Moving house: 12%

Consultant Dietitian Helen Bond explains:

“It is well known that eating habits can be influenced by emotions and as a result different life stages can have an impact on someone’s weight. It’s easy to become relaxed when you’re in a happy relationship, where trips to the gym can be easily swapped for takeaways on the sofa and indulgent meals out”.

Top life experiences which cause women to lose weight:

Breaking up with a partner: 27%

Being single: 24%

An unhappy relationship: 21%

Dating a new partner: 19%

Job/career: 17%

Your wedding: 17%

She adds: “But being in a happy relationship can actually make it easier to keep the pounds at bay. You can support and encourage each other to eat healthily and exercise. Having a partner who shares or supports your weight loss goals will spur you on and boost your determination to stick with it, even when your interest and motivation is dwindling.”