Skin Care Tips With Mango

Mango is the king of tropical fruit that always have a special feeling addictive. Got a yellowish flesh and reddish orange sometimes, it’s like a combination of sweet and sour.

Remarkably, when they were children, the fruit can also be eaten. It feels also not inferior to fruit is ripe. True, this is the mango. This super fruit turns out not only great in taste alone. Mangoes have advantages for controlling acne, get rid of acne scars and dark stain on the face, and make the skin more luminous.

Benefit is obtained because mangoes are rich in nutrients and vitamins A , which have the ability to rejuvenate, replace dead skin cells and make the skin more fresh and shiny.

Beauty treatments like anything to be gleaned from the mango? Yuk spyware its natural recipe.

Mango Scrub

How do scrubs from mango? Take 100 grams of mango, add 1 tbsp of milk powder, 1 tsp honey, and use as a scrub on the entire face. Massage with circular motion to remove dead skin cells and blackheads black.

Rinse with warm water and finish with cold water as usual.

Mango Skin Mask

Do not remove the trigger when you eat mango skin. Moisturize skin and cool mango skin stung former sunlight. The trick is to insert or compress the burning rays of the sun and keep quiet about it for a few seconds.

Mango Facial Cleanser

Make yourself a facial cleanser of mango cuts. Mix flour with 1 tsp. Break until well blended mango in it, then apply the cleanser.

Astringent Mango

Break the mango mixed with a little water, to refresh the face, use an astringent to cleanse the face using cotton. Refreshing Astringent apart also works to treat acne.

Mango for Sensitive Skin

If you have a sensitive skin, mix mango with oatmeal, and honey. Mask of pasta and silenced in the face for approximately 15 minutes. Lift, rinse with warm water and finish with cold water.

Have face shine and stain free acne treatment all well above mango.

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